Proficient Window Cleaning Services Clapton

Brighten your daily routine and maximize the amount of sunlight that enters your home or office with our window cleaning service in Clapton. We work with trained and vetted experts in order to provide you with the highest degree of professionalism. Our main aim has always been your complete satisfaction and we thus make an 100% effort to reach the final goal.

What Makes Our Window Cleaning Services Clapton Better?

We’ve been working in this field for many years now and have always strived to get to the next level and deliver impeccable results. There are a number of advantages that we can offer:

  • Adequate pros – they are able to complete the most difficult task with ease and care;
  • First class services – excellent workmanship and work ethic, with hundreds of regular customers;
  • Fair prices and discounts – anyone can enjoy our services, combine it with gutter cleaning and get preferential rates;
  • Privacy – it remains undisturbed, because we clean from the ground level;
  • Latest equipment – we carry a professional water-fed pole for quality results.

How Do the Window Cleaners in Clapton Achieve Their Great Results?

If you wish, you can read more about the cleaning procedure below to learn how we do it beforehand:

  • Step 1: We use a water-fed pole, attached to a water tank inside the van, that can reach up to the 4th floor of any building;
  • Step 2: The water is pumped through the pole’s end, out of the brush-head and is being sprayed on the window as we clean it;
  • Step 3: We give it a final rinse and let it dry off on its own.

For internal cleaning, we use traditional equipment (squeegees & ladders).

A couple of things you should know:

  • We need a parking space within 30 metres from your property as the water pole is attached to the van;
  • The only detergent we use is purified water – it is de-mineralised, absorbing all dirt and dust while it tries to return to its normal state;
  • By washing your windows with this method on a regular basis, we will remove all previously used chemicals.

Enjoy Affordable Window Cleaning Clapton Rates

You can book us for a one-off domestic cleaning or a thorough cleaning of your commercial property. Our services are not hourly-based – we stay until all work is complete. You can schedule an appointment at all hours of the day and night and during the weekends. For your convenience, you can pay with your credit card or directly to the professional. Take a closer look at our rates below.

Property Type Price
Flat £46
Maisonette flat £58
House £56
Detached House £68

* T&C Apply
* Minimum charge for one-off window cleaning is £46.

How to Book Window Cleaners in Clapton?

Call us on 020 7846 0212 and get in touch with our representatives right away! They will be happy to answer all your questions. Or maybe you’re too busy and prefer to e-mail us? We will respond as soon as possible. And if you’re just browsing our website, why not get in touch via our chat in the meantime?

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